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In 1928 the Hobert Paper Company in Green Bay, Wisconsin began manufacturing bath tissue. The design, which was created to look like feminine fashions of the day, was described as “charming” by an employee, and thus the Charmin brand name was born.

When Procter & Gamble acquired Charmin Paper Company in 1957, the Charmin family had grown to include paper towels, paper napkins, facial tissue, and bath tissue. P&G eventually discontinued all products except bath tissue, which it has since distributed in the U.S.

Charmin introduced its iconic Mr. Whipple (aka "George the Grocer") character in 1964 to promote the "squeezable softness" of Charmin. The beloved character and slogan captured the hearts of Americans for decades. In the 1970s, P&G patented a new manufacturing technique that produced an even softer Charmin. While the new paper was softer, the product's strength remained the same.

Growing off the success of its original toilet tissue, Charmin has since developed its current line of products, including Ultra Strong, Ultra Soft, Basic, Sensitive and Freshmates.

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